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The Neipsic Tennis Club Rules



1. Players must wear regular tennis shoes to avoid damage to the courts. Appropriate tennis attire must be worn on the courts. Shirts must be worn at all times.


2. The lower Har-tru courts (3), must be drag-broomed, fence to fence and halfway to the adjacent court, and the lines swept after play, except when the Neipsic Maintenance Crew waives this requirement.  All balls, ball cans and lids and drink containers should be taken home by the players, as there is no trash committee for the club.  If balls go outside the fence, they should be retrieved so they do not become litter.


3. Parking is restricted to the club’s available parking areas. Avoid parking on the access road. Please drive slowly on the access road (5 M.P.H.) in deference to our neighbors, as it raises dust. 


4. Pets, food and breakable containers are not permitted on the courts.


5. Do not chase balls onto an adjoining court or cross behind courts while play is in progress.


6. At the end of the time period, 1½ hours, players must relinquish the court to waiting players. A player may not arrange to play more than one time period during times of heavy court activity. Two or more players can claim an open court and the allowed 1 ½ hour use commences at that time, even if other players join later.  The starting time should be set on the clocks provided for each court, which are located in the patio area, before entering the court. If two or more players are waiting and there is no open court, the court must be broomed, lines brushed and the court relinquished 1 ½ hours from their start time. 


7. Adult members are permitted to pre-empt courts from children who are not full dues paying members. Any member can pre-empt a pro who is giving lessons on the Har-tru courts if an open court is not available. 


8. Parents should keep children from interfering with play. To avoid physical injury, no child should be inside the playing area when anyone is playing or hitting.


9. Members may invite guests to use the club facilities. The member must accompany the guest and all guests must be registered in the guest book prior to play.  A fee of $15.00 per session will be charged for each guest from May 01 through October 31. The member is on the honor system with regard to this rule. A guest can play a maximum of 4 times per season. The Neipsic Treasurer will bill the member in the fall.


10. There are times when the courts are not available for general play, such as:

a. During times of court maintenance, (e.g. early morning court rolling and mid-day court watering.)

b. During club sponsored programs, (clinics, tournaments, inter-club matches, court rentals, etc.)


11. The last person to leave is responsible for locking the club house and the gates.


Revised 3/19/24

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